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The American Dream
Marketplace Money takes a look at the American Dream. For many people the pursuit of happiness includes homeownership, education, retirement, and access to health care. Listen and explore stories in our special series on the American Dream.
"If you could start saving maybe 10 percent in your 20s for retirement, by your 30s you might have to save 15 or 20 percent, by your 40s you might have to save 20-25 percent. Once you're in your 50s you'd have to save 40 percent of your income to match what you would have gotten if you'd saved just 10 percent starting in your 20s.""
-Liz Weston, personal finance columnist
10% of all health care dollars are spent in the last year of life. That's
$270 billion
""In today's market, you'd better be ready with your pre-approval, your credit reports, your proof of funds and the ones who really do well now are the ones who have actual underwriting approval. So, they're not pre-approved, they're actually approved."
-Tracy King, realtor
Produced by Daryl Paranada
"If you have any doubt of what's in your [health care] plan, go to your HR department or call the insurance company that sold it to you and say 'I want to see the summary of benefits and coverage.''
-Nancy Metcalf, senior writer, Consumer Reports
" I would certainly recommend that people have saved up a 10 percent down payment and feel that they're going to stay in the house for at least five years."
-Alison Rogers, realtor

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