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Mind Games & Money
A special production with the New York Times that examines the influence of our emotions on our personal finances. An hour-long broadcast and podcast, which includes stories and interviews from the special section, airs this weekend.
of Americans are not at all confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement.
"I have normal human emotions, believe me. But being rational means that when I decide whether a stock is worth $100 a share or $200 a share, I look at the facts and I don't care what other people say."
-Warren Buffett
More than half of all retirees say they have less than
$25,000 saved.
"You all know about I.Q. and E.Q. Your I.Q.s are all high enough for all of you to be very successful, but where people often fall short is on the E.Q. Emotional intelligence is critical. It's something you develop over time. A lot of management skills are E.Q."
-Jamie Dimon
1 in 3
Americans with combined finances admitted lying to their spouses about money.
of women say they have felt guilty about the price of a past purchase.
10% of all health care dollars are spent in the last year of life. That's
$270 billion
"If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some; for he that goes a borrowing goes a sorrowing."
-Benjamin Franklin
"Money is a needful and precious thing, and when well used, a noble thing, but I never want you to think it is the first or only prize to strive for. I'd rather see you poor men's wives, if you were happy, beloved, contented."
-Louisa May Alcott
Consumers will spend more to get rid of worn bills because they evoke feelings of disgust but are more likely to hold on to crisp new currency.
of people have lied to their partner about money
Produced by Daryl Paranada
Developed by Luis Hernandez
Designed by Paul Brent
“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”
-Oscar Wilde
“I love money. I love everything about it. I bought some pretty good stuff. Got me a $300 pair of socks. Got a fur sink. An electric dog polisher. A gasoline powered turtleneck sweater. And, of course, I bought some dumb stuff, too.”
-Steve Martin
“Money doesn't talk, it swears.”
-Bob Dylan

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